The problem:
The supermarkets are losing customers (and money) when a product isn't available on the shelf. Keeping the shelves stocked all the time in a big supermarket is difficult as real time visibility is poor.

The solution:
Insights about shelf conditions and product availability can have a direct impact on key metrics such as revenue, operating costs and process efficiency. With the right information presented at the right time, managers and store associates have awareness of the status of their store and take necessary actions.
The application:
The app provides an easy way for store staff to receive corrective actions and confirm job completion along with reports regarding system status and job scheduling. I refined the user journey based on the product requirements coming from business unit.
Click here to access the InVision prototype for the app.
App screens:
The robot provides real time information about products and shelves in the supermarket, giving valuable visibility to the store employees.
The impact:
Combined with the EMA50, the app helps the stores to have 95% inventory availability. On the first trials, we have seen 65 Hours of labor reassigned to higher value work per week per store.
Click here to see the Zebra marketing page for the solution.
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