The old UI:
With only green color available and a lack of graphics meant that there was a huge potential to make a major impact on the user experience and increase the efficiency. Most of the complaints focused on lack of clarity, graphics, color and poorly designed menu structure.
The new UI:
With the help of a full color screen, we were able to show errors in red color, which helped users identify problems quickly. Having a touch screen also meant that we could introduce gestures, like swipes to reveal detailed information without cluttering the UI. I have designed custom components and features to reduce the error rates and make the journey as effortless as possible. These have all helped to create a better overall user experience for our users. 

New TE on a TC8000 device

The impact:
With the TE, what used to be a 5 step process is now reduced down to a single tap, helping to increase efficiency. A standard user journey to finish a complete task on the old UI vs. the new one is now up to 20% faster on average, another significant increase in efficiency with reduced errors.
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