The problem:
The warehouses and storage areas are struggling with ad hoc dropped items. These items are usually not recorded properly, causing delays in finding them at a later stage. Typical examples are lost and found offices or airport luggage areas where things are less organised.

The solution:
The anchors that you can print using the app help define the layout of the storage areas and items are recorded using their proximity data to these anchors. The ARCore technology calculates the exact location of each recorded item in relation to the anchors and creates a list that can be used whenever an item needs to be retrieved. This saves a lot of time for finding these temporary items, meaning a significant increase in efficiency of the work force.
The application:
The app lets employees to place temporary items anywhere available on an empty shelf. Users can record the location of these items with Placement tab. Later when the item is needed, it can be found under Retrieval tab. Any employee can find any item since the list of items are stored in the cloud.
Click here to access the InVision prototype for the app.
The impact:
The app is launched to a limited number of customers and the initial feedback is very positive. We as a team are still evaluating some features and continuously iterating.
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